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Welcome to!

My name is Oliver and I'm an amateur astrophotographer and also the creator of the website.

Since September 2018, when I shot my first photo of the Milky Way, I was hooked on this hobby. Always me I was always attracted by the outer space, but at that moment, when I was able to see with my own eyes the Milky Way in all its splendor for the first time ever, I completely fell in love with the night sky.

It was at that moment that I realized that in my almost 40 years of life, I had never been able to appreciate the sky night the right way, and decided that I wanted to share with the world that incredible feeling that I experienced that night.

A few months later, I launched the website, where I wanted to publish all the photos that I was shooting, but a bit later it has grown and I have been adding tutorials and articles, designs for 3D printing and other things that have been useful to me during my learning.

All the tutorials I have written are both in Spanish and English, and I have always tried to answer those that get to read my articles on social networks. I have continued to publish my tutorials both on social networks and in the magazine Amateur Astrophotograpy.

Because of all this, after two years working on this project, I have decided to create this section in which you, as a reader of my website, can support me in different ways to help me to continue with this work.

The easiest way is as simple as following me on social media and sharing my posts with your friends. Below I give you all the links of my most active social profiles.

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Another way to give me support is helping me to pay online services I use. You can do that by trying them by yourself, and subscribing to them if you find them useful.

  • TODOist is a to do list task manager to organize your work very efficiently. I use it every day both for the project and personally. By clicking the link you will have two months of TODOist premium for free and if you finally sign up I will get also two months of TODOist premium for me too.
  • is a notepad on steroids. It will allow you to create content as you can do with a Wiki, but it also supports databases, tables, to do lists, etc. I use it a lot when I'm writing the articles to note down the information I use as reference. Unfortunatelly, they do not have an affiliate link system, so the only way you can help me to pay my subscription is to invite me a cofee and with the money I save, I will pay the subscription.
  • AstroBin is a social network for astrophotographers that allows you to upload your astrophotographs and specify the technical details of the capture, processing and the equipment you have used. It is a very useful service that I use a lot when I want to see the results of different pieces of equipment. With the free version you can upload up to 10 photos per year, although there is a premium version with no limits. Unfortunately, as in the previous case, it does not have an affiliate system, so the only option is to invite me to that coffee I told you before.
  • Obviously, I use the service to make it possible for you to invite me a coffee. It is a very easy to use service, and it does not not only have this functionality but you can create a subscription payment content system and many other things.

In my articles I frequently talk about some equipment. Some of them I have obtained from websites like AliExpress, so in those cases, I added the link to the article so that if you decided to buy it they would give me a small commission that would go to my AliExpress balance and I can use it to keep buying more equipment for my tutorials.

Finally, there is also the option to gift me something. I have several wish lists that you can use to choose something that may be useful to me or know my likes:

I say goodbye not without first thanking you for taking the time to read these lines and thanking everyone who has given me support during these years in one of the projects that have given me the most satisfaction in my life.